Rachel Priest Yoga

Private Yoga!

Is going to a studio class not your thing or do you have specific injuries that constrict your practice?? No worries, I got you! Whatever your personal needs are, I can tailor these classes to you. The best part about it, is I come to you or we can do some zen yoga on the beach and have the best of both worlds! The Possibilities are endless and below are only a FEW great reasons to try a Private Yoga Session. Contact me to learn more!

2 Months after I shattered my ankle!

2 Months after I shattered my ankle!

Got Injuries? Not to worry!

I came to my yoga practice through an injury. I started taking classes at a yoga studio, really enjoyed it and 2 months later shattered my ankle! One week after surgery, I crutched my way to class and did entire yoga classes supine (on the ground) and I healed at an accelerated pace! If I can do it, so can you! 


Let me know what is going on and lets tailor a plan to you!

deepen your practice

If you're craving a more intimate setting to dive deeper into your practice, then private classes may be the trick! Lots of hands on adjustments help assist you as your find the proper alignment in the poses. Plus, props on props, we will use blocks, straps, pillows, and blankets in our sessions! 


Also private sessions are a perfect time to ask questions about yoga! Poses, alignment, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and origins, etc. are all area's we can dive into together!





Athletically Inclined and Need some CROSS-TRAINING??

I have worked with all types of Athletes, including MMA Professional Fighters! So if you are trying to work on specific strengths and body parts to up your game, private sessions are perfect for you! 


Tell me about your sport and your goals and we will work on it together!


Group Classes

Want to come to my weekly classes? Come on in and say hey! 

Location : Berkeley City Sports Club

Days : Tuesdays / Thursdays

Time : 8pm-9pm





SUP Yoga - what does that mean

SUP Yoga means going for a paddle and then practicing yoga on Stand Up Paddle boards. This really takes balance to a new level while providing an amazing and fun experience out on the water to connect deeper with yourself and the beautiful ocean! Plus, its super fun :)

What should i expect in sup yoga?

We will start all classes with a brief paddle to get our balance and know the board, then we will anchor up for a 60min yoga class ON THE WATER !! Expect to be challenged and for lots of laughs, and maybe even a dip in the water! Additionally, practicing yoga on the water is a great way to connect with yourself, experience nature, and enjoy time with mother nature! 


Where are classes ??

Jack London Square, Oakland CA

We are apart of Cal Kayak and will meet here 15min before class. Please arrive early to sign our liability form, get a board, and get some chit-chat in. 

Check the class schedule HERE

How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Cal Kayak Website Class sign up! 

Also bring your friends! It's a great activity to be silly and have fun with a friend :)