Just Be You

Okay guys it's time to get real for a minute and shed some light on a situation about love and self acceptance... Tonight I taught a super fun uplifting class and had a wonderful group of people join in class. It afterwards a student walked up to me and after a couple moments of conversation told me how I needed to lose weight, and then continuing to question my eating habits and other exercise practices I do outside of yoga while pointing out each of my flaws and even... Pinchin my side (a stranger keep in mind)... Needless to say I was pretty freakin shocked and didn't know what to say.. After they continued to talk on what imperfections I had on my body I politely ended the conversation to wrap up and close the room.. Obviously I was super upset, and for those I you that don't know I've struggled, overcome and am now on the better half of an 8 year battle with eating disorders. 

And finally I have been feeling good about myself and truly excepting myself and my body for who I truly am.

And then this happened, especially at a safe haven environment as a yoga room... But you know what I did instead of getting all worked up and upset and falling into old bad habits... 

I said "eh f*ck it" (excuse my French) ...yeah I'm not perfect and I don't have a perfect body but you know what.. I'm a pretty cool, loving, adventurous, strong kid! And just because I don't look like Barbie or like the typical vision that most people have of what a yoga teacher should look like, doesn't mean I'm not a strong, well-bodied, flexible person who is still good at what she does... Who still looks pretty freaking good!!! I used the disorder as a crutch but you know what... Now it is my strength! Through my pain I can help others who are struggling an keeping silent. If need be I can be the voice that shouts out "you are beautiful an perfect exactly this way and F*** anyone that can't see the beauty in you that I see" 

.. I'm sick of hearing about what perfect bodies are like.. Well you know what, that is me in that picture.. In a bathing suit everything just hangin out... And for the first time I think I look pretty good.. Arms open wide, wind in the air, welcoming in peace, love, and the warmth of a summer sun!!! So who wants to join me in finally just accepting yourself and loving each and every part of yourself for who an what you are??!! For your past and current pains and struggles, your fears, anxieties, desires... Whatever it is that we are holding on to that isn't healthy just let it go!!! Truly accept yourself and be transparent to the world around you and stop hiding those secrets you hold so close to you!! Set yourself free and open up to love and the world around you! I'm thankful that this happened because now I hope that through this post someone else can join me today and just say

"F*** it, I'm gonna be me and it's gonna be an awesome ride till the very damn day I die"
Let's do it y'all!!! So much love to you and everyone who reads this and needs to hear this message! You are all beauty, love, and happiness.. Tap into yourself and go you truly are and open your arms to love and light and peace!!! Love love love :)