Practice and All is Coming

The founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois was well known for this wonderful saying, "Practice and all is Coming."

This is such an applicable lesson though because how many of us want to try something once or work at something for a week and all of a sudden be a pro at it or achieve incredible results. I know I used to be like this with my weight-loss goals. I would try some fad diet and expect to lose 20lbs in two days, and when I didn't (obviously), I would becoming depressed and then go into another downward spiral and relapse with bulimia. But why is patience so incredibly hard for us? What about our culture has made us so impatient and learn to enjoy the work that leads us to the end result? I think that is why I love this quote so much. We just need to practice, with all honesty and compassion, and all is coming. What that might be that is coming? Well I'm not totally sure, I'm still finding it out! If it is compassion, love, realization of dreams, silliness, flexibility, strength, … etc and whatever it is, just practice. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE with no expectations and you will be blown away. 

A couple of months ago, I could barely hold a handstand for 1 second. But all I did was practice continuously, tried to not get frustrated with where I was and that I couldn't do a handstand yet, but instead thanking my body for where I was because I knew I could grow and becoming stronger. We need to accept our bodies for where we are today because who knows where we will be tomorrow!!

- Practice, and All is Coming

Rachel Priest